Thursday, May 17, 2018

Counterpunching SJWs: Be Offensive. B. E. Offensive.

As I got started today, Dragon Award winner and nominee Brian Niemeier reminded me that Michael Z. Williamson is willing to engage in lawfare against the SJWs and those who bend the knee to them.

To the Board of Origins Game Fair,

Greetings. Your decision to remove Larry Correia as an invited Guest, thus eliminating one of your more prominent convention draws,has resulted not only in close scrutiny of your rash and capricious actions, but also a moment in time where you had the choice between accepting the consequences of those actions or committing financial fraud.

Unfortunately, you have apparently chosen the latter. As a business, you promised consumers a chance to meet one of the more prominent authors in science fiction today. You then took their entry money (preorders), uninvited that author (product cancellation), and then refused to issue full refunds to preregistered attendees who no longer had a reason or desire to attend your discriminatory product gala.

Most people, from laypersons to prosecutors and litigation attorneys in between, would view this as a "bait and switch" means of financial fraud.

Moreover, you have doubled down on this apparent fraud and generally rash action in the case of prepaying convention vendors. To those vendors, including my client, Michael Z. Williamson, you not only promised the draw prominent Guests would bring in terms of attendance, you also promised attendees who would be in a mood and an encouraging environment to part with cash for goods.

Instead, by eliminating your convention's most prominent draw(s), drawing stark political litmus test lines as to who is or is not an invited and preferred attendee or Guest, and also by utterly failing to maintain a workable website, you have offered vendors a much lesser (in numbers, buying power, and morale) group of convention attendees. As any number of successful and failed gaming and science fiction conventions have demonstrated, the group of people who insists that Guests pass a political litmus test is not generally the same group that also actually buys things from convention vendors.

Thus, my client is twice the victim of your bait and switch, both as a convention attendee receiving less than a full refund, and as a vendor, who now must not only fight with you to receive a full refund for vendor fees, but must also fill the financial hole left by your late actions, too soon before your convention and too late for my client to attend another, in that same time slot.

For the moment, my client will be satisfied by a full refund of his vendor and attendee fees, including those of family members. I also expect you to issue full refunds to any other cancelling attendees and vendors, though I can not speak for them as their attorney. Given the scope of and motivation for your actions, as publicly expressed by your designated representative, John Ward, in what I can best describe as a series of libelous statements, I have strongly encouraged my client to file a criminal complaint for financial fraud if full refunds are not made.

This statement got followed by a call to others affected by Origins' decision, which you can find here and I recommend you read it.

Yesterday also saw a Darkstream by the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, on the matter. In short? Time to go on offense.

Niemeier concurs on the need to go on offense.

If Origins is refusing to issue refunds to attendees and vendors, then yes, throw the book at them. That doesn't solve the underlying problem, though. Filing antitrust suits against converged companies like WotC and Paizo comes much closer to uprooting the SJW infestation in gaming, since victory in court potentially reduces the amenable authorities gaming SJWs can appeal to.

But I still don't see anyone involved in #ConGate striking at the heart of the problem like Richard Meyer is in the comics industry. Richard is not going after Antarctic Press, who are analogous to Origins in this example. He's filed criminal complaints against Mark Waid, who coerced AP into canceling Richard's publishing deal.

For Larry, Ringo, and M-Zed to respond in kind would mean going after the woman who demanded that Origins drop Larry based on libelous accusations. Nail her to the wall for defamation and tortious interference like Meyer is doing to Waid.

Yes, lawfare is expensive, time-consuming, and uncertain. The situation has observably deteriorated to the point that fighting back against the root cause of the problem requires great expense, considerable opportunity cost, and a degree of personal risk. It would be swell if getting the law involved wasn't necessary, but here we are, because nobody fought back when fighting was easier.

Correct. You start, as I reported yesterday, by immediately (and permanently, preferably) banning the SJWs that pull this shit. You go on from there to file charges against the SJWs concerned, because in some states (like mine) defamation is a criminal offense and that means lawfare consists only of filing that criminal complaints and then letting the State do its job. If not, then it's all well and good to pursue civil damages (and to that end, people will crowdfund your legal affair, so don't be shy about seeking such support).

Here's something to remember: For the SJW, the process is the punishment more often than not. When they went after Count Dankula, they sincerely hoped to imprison him with the hope that the violent inmates would do their wetwork for them, but that would be the bonus; the substance of their own lawfare assault was to use the process itself as the punishment for his wrongthinking. That's why, for all their wailing should a target escape imprisonment, they aren't that put out. Getting to that point is routinely crippling to the target, as it destroys their finances and their employability (yet another reason to attain anti-fragility), gimping the target's ability to fight back thereafter.

Turnabout is fair play.

So go ahead, file those complaints and charges against the SJWs that cause these problems. Make them suffer the process, and don't put too much stock in the hope of seeing them marched off to prison or worse. (Related note: Have no shame in reporting foreign-born offenders to Immigration.) Hit them where it hurts, and they will slink off to softer targets. It's bothersome. It's tedious. It's also necessary. Defense alone just delays your conquest; you have to go on offense to actually win, so gird your loins and do it.

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