Friday, April 20, 2018

World Class Bullshitters: The First 10 Years of the MCU Ranked!

As we approach the release of Infinity War, it's time to look back at the films that got us to this point. The World Class Bullshitters take a week off of slagging Mouse Wars to talk good and hard about that filmography. You know there's nothing else on, so put this on and enjoy.

Since this film (and franchise) is all-around better than what DC and Mouse Wars puts out, the payoff for a decade of buildup is looking to be worth the wait. Taking a moment right before the climax hits to look back, remember which films worked best and which fell short (and, maybe, why) is worth doing.

No, the TV tie-ins aren't considered. Thank God for that, or we'd be here for hours over how SHIELD and the Inhumans got screwed- and that's before taking the Netflix shows into account. Or how the Phase 4 films look to be where the suck seriously sets in and the end of this franchise being worthwhile begins. That's either for Patreon supporters or future episodes (or past ones). Get your favorite foods, get comfortable, and get your weekend on with the World Class Bullshitters.

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