Monday, March 26, 2018

Time To Get Off The Reservation Before It Becomes a Death Camp

Who needs schlock horror? This is plenty to terrify you.

Click through and read the entire thread. Take notes, especially if you are a heavy smartphone/tablet user or on Windows 10.

When you're done with either draining the liquor store or being released from the mental ward, read on.

This is why it is imperative that Alt-Tech get supported here and now. I already swapped to Brave for my browser, DuckDuckGo for search, and have accounts at Gab, Minds, Steemit etc. I remain on Twitter and YouTude due to Network Effect isssues, and I avoid Facebook outside of linking to the blog these days. If I get banned from SocJus Media, I'll be okay.

The problem right now is Google. That CIA front did a great job of inserting itself into the center of Normienet, and getting out of it if you don't have disposable income to spare is very difficult. Between Search, email, and video (YouTube)--all provided at high quality for free to users--it's not surprising to see that most people opted in out of convenience.

What Alt-Tech has learned is that convenience is a big thing driving the Network Effect. If Grandma can use it with aplomb, then your network growth is going to be HUGE once a critical mass come on board, so you just need to hammer that home until you get there.

In short, Massive Network = Noob-Friendly World of Casualcraft.

Gab's showing signs that it will manage to be so positioned once Twittter's convergence rots itself so badly that it collapses. DuckDuckGo is just as easy as Google, but without the bullshit filters Google does to keep users in their own bubbles. The various YouTube replacements, in iterative fashion, are learning that convenience is key and that means a user interface that is easier than YouTube's to master as well as policies and (increasingly) technologies that make censorship impossible.

All that's needed now is a top-level host that can't cave to SJW pressures (official or otherwise), and we'll have everything but the financing sorted. For that, we'll need Alt-Banking to step up.

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