Thursday, March 1, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Attack of the Sparrows

Google locked Sargon of Akkad out of his Google account earlier today. This video signals that he's had access restored.

In his specific case, I do think this is negligence over malevolence- this time. I don't think that this is the case for others such as Baked Alaska or Andy Warski. There's a big reason for it, and folks like Bill Still of the Still Report have the story.

The "Trusted Partner" program mentioned months ago is now live, and the frauds that are the Southern Poverty Law Center are a big contributor to that Orwellian excuse for purging wrongthinkers. Frame Games Radio has a useful response: call them Commies. Racial Commies, since they are anti-White bigots (and, for the leaders, pursuing a High Sparrow strategy; this will fail, as it is in California and Minnesota, because they won't succeed in retaining control over the desired underclass and get replaced).

This is all about Narrative Warfare. If your enemy can't gainsay your narrative where your audience can see it, then you control what's believed and with it control over the culture- political control, and the power it brings, follows forthwith.

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