Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Power of Art Lies in Beauty

It's hard to hate manufactured pop groups when they are this enjoyable.

That's "Walkure", a group of actress/singers cast to play their fictional counterparts in Macross Delta, performing live in concert. As with May'n and Megumi Nakajima for Macross Frontier,they do what Western pop music acts used to do but abandoned in favor of the current crass classlessness. (Yes, proof once again that New Isn't Necessarily Better.)

And man did they turn up the cute. I concur with some of the fansubbers that these girls in particular are so sweet that you may want to check your blood sugar lest you get the 'beetus.

And then they mature. If they persist in this business past their youth, you get stuff like this.

Beauty is where the power of music lies, and far too many acts today dismiss and denigrate it, such that I return the favor by dismissing them from my presence. You can be a wholly manufactured pop idol and still get this right- your long-term career depends upon it. Ugly music, like the ugly people who push it, are unworthy of Civilization and should be made to feed its crops.

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