Monday, February 5, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Even The Times Admits Mouse Wars is a Failure

The World Class Bullshitters show that mainstream acceptance that Mouse Wars is a failure. The Carlos Slim Blog (New York Times) has an article admitted it now. You can't ignore reality forever. Sooner or later, you hit the ground and your delusion of superpowers comes to an abrupt--and often fatal--end.

Yes, there is plenty of public relations spin, but there is no avoiding the obvious- no attempt to Point Deer to Make Horse. This is a significant shift in the Narrative Warfare scene for the Mouse Empire and Mouse Wars, and as such it is a blow to all of the bullshit surrounding Mouse Wars also, from the psuedo-intellectual psuedo-mythology justifying the shit storytelling ("collective journey" my ass; mythology does not work that way) to the dismissive double-talk on the real end of the business (the merch, still rotting on the shelves because no one buys it), and the utter savaging of the films by nations with no sentiment to cloud judgement (China: "Your actors are ugly shits, and so if your film, so fuck off.")

For all his faults, George Lucas Got It Right. (What he got wrong, he got wrong by doing what Mouse Wars does: deviate from the proven path to narrative success. The lesson? There is nothing new under the sun; don't deviate!) But it's too late for the Mouse Empire. They're on the way to destruction, and the ZIGs moved for great justice a while ago.

All Your Space Opera Are Belong to Us.

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