Thursday, February 1, 2018

How It's Done: Monster Hunter World w/ Oliver Campbell

Look, we play games and read or watch stories to entertain ourselves after a long day on the job. We just want the fun, straight no chaser, and fortunately there are companies left that understand this.

Capcom's latest entry in its Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter World, is a fantastic game. But the ads don't show you the full scope available in gameplay. Fortunately the Old Master himself cut a video together showing just how much work you need to put in to Git Gud. Watch this old master show you young cats how it is done: grit, persistence, and iterative progress to mastery. The goof takes care of itself, making the time to mastery a joy.

You can find Oliver live on Twitch here on the regular, so subscribe to him there and on YouTube. You can also catch him with the rest of the Metro City Boys live on Sundays at YouTube here. Come for the goof. Stay for the goof. It's a good time.

(Note for my fellow PulpRev people: this game is totally in our wheelhouse.)

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