Sunday, January 7, 2018

Nevermind the Globes. Listen to the World Class Bullshitters Instead.

In case you missed it, the World Class Bullshitters had their 104th episode a few days ago. Yes, more on the Mouse Empire, but the bigger picture--and how it means we're in for some more suck--is the reason to put this on and take notes. (There is a timestamp list as a Pinned Comment; refer to that to skip around the podcast.)

This coming year, in terms of big budget Hollywood films, is going to be interesting to watch. The current scandals may not fully dissipate by the time the tentpole films get put down, and if any of them underperform then this time next year will definitely be a time where heads should have rolled (or will presently) and long-term plans get reformed to account for the new reality.

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