Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mouse Wars Merch STILL Rots on the Shelves

The World Class Bullshitters come again with a follow-up to their first video showing just how bad the real business of Star Wars is now that it's a satrapy of the Mouse Empire. The merchandise is still rotting on the shelves, and what's rotting there is the clearest revelation of what the fans actually prefer--their Revealed Preference--as well as who the fans actually are. (TL/DR: Still mostly male, and Diversity Hires shit up the shelves.)

It's not just the population at large that's getting shat upon by the Mouse Empire. The corporate world notices also, and it's this sector that stands the best chance of pressuring Kathy Kennedy out because they've got skin in the game and they're losing more than they want to admit.

And note the buried lead: the best merch is made in Japan, and rarely goes West. If you're going to go that way, go East (or make friends with someone that does, or just hit up Play Asia or Hobby Japan).

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  1. Bradford
    Again,we need to bitchslao the Japanese merchandisers out of their stupor and get them over here. They woul provide serious competition thst the more grounded companies will accept as a challenge and up their products


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