Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Classic Music Video Returns & World Class Bullshitters Hit 15K Subs!

There are very few fan-made music videos that are as good as those professionally commissioned. This is one of them, and as such videos go it's a classic. The original creator remastered it and re-released it on his YouTube channel recently, and it is gorgeous; yes, the video also summarizes Macross Plus in its run-time, but that's okay. Enjoy the best fan-video for "Information High" ever made once more.

The motive? It's this simple:

So after seeing a bunch of versions of my video on YouTube now with the audio working I decided to upload my HD REMASTERED version of one of my first AMVs which I probably made in 1995.

Macross / Robotech was a childhood favorite of mine and after the disappointment of Macross II I was blown away by Macross Plus. I loved everything about it. It really does make me smile seeing all the comments on the other uploads of this video and how many people remember it from back in the day.


And because you've enjoyed their stuff so much, here's the World Class Bullshitters Fan Special episode. The occassion? Hitting 15 THOUSAND subscribers. Congratulations, WCB! May you put paid the professionally-pushed lies of the media for many years to come; we need people pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.

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