Thursday, December 21, 2017

SJWs Ruin Everything BY DESIGN!

Injection of political agendas into entertainment is unconscionable, and not to be tolerated. The medium affected is irrelevant.

And yes, when you get the attention of a writer for a media outlet that otherwise completely ignores tabletop gaming, and the writer also doesn't otherwise give a damn about tabletop gaming, you done fucked up.

And that means that you're going to attract the attention of people who are experts at making mockery into an art form

Why did the non-gaming media pick this up? Because the hobbyists spoke out early and often about the matter.

And that's the game that actually makes Wizards of the Coast the real money. They own Dungeons & Dragons also, and the ENTIRE tabletop RPG cateogy has been converged by SJWs for over 15 years now- and the poz has been there even longer. You better believe the same SJW bullshit is ramptant there, and far more obvious in the also-ran competitors-cum-colleagues such as Paizo Publishing (Pathfinder, Starfinder), which is easy to do when all of the people that matter can fit into my living room.

(Yes, this means that Fantasy Flight Games is also pozzed and converged. Stop giving them money.)

And, with WOTC being a SJW corporation, SJWs Always Double Down.

For D&D, there are plenty of alternatives- such as the clones of pre-WOTC D&D out there freely available by people who don't hate you. For Magic fans, you're in a bind, especially if you don't want to give money to people who hate you. At this point, you may as well go digital because there's sweet fuck-all for a non-pozzed physical alternative. (Try the Elder scrolls or Gwent games; Hearthstone isn't the only game in town.)

And no, this is not accidental. This is not an emergent phenomenon. This is by design, as the SJWs defending the defiling of Star Wars reveal with every hitpiece. SJW and Fake Geek Scott Kurtz lays it out here, and the Supreme Dark Lord spells it out that the SJWs are really just plain evil because of this fact.

And to that, I have just three words: Aku Soku Zan

Social Justice is a Death Cult. Destroy it or be destroyed by it.

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  1. ACKs is a wonderful thing, and Alexander Macris, who designed it, is a great guy.

    If you want an OSR clone that's been better streamlined than most, who's default campaign mode is a somewhat different take than the usual medieval (think declining days of the roman empire with Magic), that has a killer class creation toolset that envertheless, once a class is created, makes it easy to jump in and play, that now has a epic/swords and sorcery expansion /ruleset coming out, and has people doing gonzo stuff like sorta-gamma-world based off it , then throw your money at a guy who somewhat deserves it.

    He's the kinda shitlord who'll throw in a supreme dark lord class....


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