Wednesday, November 22, 2017

STEM or GTFO: Academia is a Cult Outside the STEM Fields

What you're about to see below is Sargon of Akkad covering the insanity in Canada's universities, as addressed by Jordan Peterson and then relating the implementation of this cultist mental abuse of students who dare dissent against Zir Leaders' Satanic Writ.

As every account of academic cultism reveals, this comes out of the Humanities fields. Specifically, the various (X) Studies fields, from which this ideological disease spreads like a cancer. That what we're witnessing here is nothing more than the Cultural Revolution Redux--Struggle Sessions and all--shows the Marxist roots of the SJW Cult ideology and therefore its mentality. As an honest historian, I cannot go along with the incessant revisionism (often without the slightest attempt to present independently-verifiable evidence) that this cult--and it is a cult--demands on pain of death.

These wanna-be Necromongers, these soy-saturarated secular Jihadis, have so damaged American, Canadian, and British universities (etc.; see South Africa for a painful example) that outside of the hardest of STEM fields they are no longer fit for purpose and should be destroyed. Yes, including the medical and law schools. (Especially the law schools.) Burn them to ash, then salt the ruins. It's that far gone.

(We can, and will, replace them with alternatives that actually fulfill their lawful purpose; Mentor-Student networks predate universities, and are the bedrock of that system, so guess where we start rebuilding. Apprenticeships once included law and medicine; these too need to be revived, and inevitably will as the converged institutions reveal their incompetence in their graduates.)

Therefore, do not send your children to university unless they must to attain a STEM degree, and furthermore you must maintain your vigilance over them during their time on campus lest the cult try to zombify your precious ones into being drones for their Satanic cause. Until the universities are purged, it's "STEM or GTFO"- and I say this as a Humanities academic who quit that life because it got so bad.

Each and every one of these SJW academics lie, cheat, and defraud for the explicit purpose of advancing their political cult. (See the gaslighting going on in the video.) That is fraud by definition. Committing fraud for the purpose of advancing a political agenda that directly undermines the State or the Nation it serves is sedition. Citizens--bound by a legal obligation of loyalty--who commit sedition are guilty of treason. Treason cannot be tolerated. The State is within its rights to suppress the SJW Cult, and if the State refuses to do so then the Nation is within its rights to do it itself. As non-cultists seize power the State shall do so with increasing degrees of effectiveness. The helicopters are coming for them; the rides are now inevitable.

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  1. Bradford,
    Yeah I completely agree. How can alumni choke off the oxygen supply of donations and endowments?
    I think in the various provinces a donation or scholarship can be terminated if the conditions and spirit have been violated?
    How would you advise potenyial students who want pursue humanities?

    One of the biggest obstacles are the trades. The barriers seem high yet there's a massive shortage of workers there.
    There are days I wished i choose a trade but I don't think i had the temperment.


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