Thursday, September 21, 2017

#ComicsGate Has Arrived

That grand-master of science fiction, John C. Wright, had a very eloquent post today in defense of the Diversity & Comics channel at YouTube. The reason for the defense? The SJWs that bore the brunt of the channel's criticism have taken notice, and They Are Not Amused. So, learning nothing from their fellow travelers in Fake Games Journalism, they got into a group chat and conspired to put out hit pieces and otherwise defame and destroy him.

That's the mild stuff. Gives the Three Laws of SJWs, escalation is inevitable until Bright Slapped back to reality.

The cycle begins anew, and it begins anew because these people never learn. Like clockwork, they repeat past mistakes and refuse to learn when they get beaten. The ride never ends, folks. It never ends.

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