Friday, August 4, 2017

Razorfist Presents: "Mad Max Month"

Razorfist teased this for the better part of a week before this video dropped. He's doing a franchise retrospective of Mad Max all this month. All of the films, and the games, and so on. Maybe even some Tina Turner commentary. The first video in this series is live, and embedded below for your convenience.

If you think that these films had no influence on Car Wars, you are sadly mistaken. While the game itself is too high-tech by default, the still-missing "Chassis & Crossbows" variant originally published in Dueltrack (along with the rules for gas-powered engines; by default your cars are electric-powered) nails the car-side of these films and lets you recreate (and iterate upon) the classic climax of The Road Warrior (and that other film the usual suspects crow about).

And yes, "V-8 Western" is the perfect summation of the early classic films. (The later ones, and the games? Not really.) His comparison to Eastwood's Spaghetti Western classics is spot-on, and I look forward to seeing him tackle the best movie in the series next week.

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