Sunday, August 13, 2017

Narrative Warfare: Razorfist Exposes YouTube's Blacklist

The Big Social push to censor WrongThink has been going on for a while, but only recently has it gone from cutting off revenue and some shadowbans to wholesale blacklists governed only by the Right People throwing WrongThinkers of any prominence into a ghetto. It's Google and YouTube right now, but count on Twitter and Facebook doing the same right now.

There was no warning. Neither is there any appeal. No notification of any sort, to anyone concerned, occurred. Someone just put the man on the list, and then the list's barebones functionality did the rest. By exposing this to be the case, Razorfist shows that the senior management at YouTube (as reflected at Google and Alphabet) has utterly abandoned the rock-solid legal protection of the Safe Harbor doctrine in favor of picking winners and losers- and thus de-platforming their enemies.

This is about controlling the context--perception management--in order to shape the narrative, through which the SJW death cult and their masters control language (e.g. the abuse of "Nazi" as a word meaning "anyone we don't like") and therefore thought itself via shame and status-manipulation. (That's what virtue-signalling is about: maintaining one's status with the cult.)

I hope that the emerging Alt-Tech Alliance gets a YouTube fork worth a damn up and running shortly, because it looks like a lot of us will need it. But, quite frankly, the big elephant in the room is this: the finance world is control by the masters of the SJW death cult, and until that gets forked and replaced everyone is vulnerable to bank-based bullshit.

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  1. See also: GoodBadFlicks.

    And awesome channel that just gives love to silly movies and is TOTALLY NON-POLITICAL, he's still getting screwed by youtube.

    Which is what conservatives always try to warn people about. Eventually you run out of other people's money.

    I mean, eventually you run out of guilty parties, which means the innocent will soon be next.