Saturday, July 8, 2017

Today's Geek Gab, and Why Pozzing Matters

The folks at Geek Gab had another good show today, featuring a review of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Check it out.

These days, I wait until Daddy Warpig's seen a film I'm interested in before deciding if I want to spend the time (nevermind the money) on it. The reason? I want nothing to do with Socjus pozzing, and Hollywood has plenty of it going on these days. That's why I stopped watching all but a handful of TV shows, none of which are dramas or comedies. (Yep, all non-fiction- officially, anyway.) That's why I stopped watching even the dreck films SyFy uses to fill its programming holes.

It doesn't help that they're formulaic to the point of Mad Libs. One of the reasons I stopped watching a lot of films and shows (and reading a lot of books and comics) is because they're boring and predictable. Once you've seen the pattern, you can't un-see it and that kills my interest in a lot of things. Why? Because there is exploration of an idea, and the execution of it. Since far too many writers (et. al.) rely on the pattern (e.g. Save the Cat!) and just make Pink Slime they have to rely on execution to deliver the goods. If they can't be bothered to explore the idea, then most can't be bothered to execute well where competence in execution matters. This is a big reason for why most Hollywood product is crap before the pozzing is done.

The pozzing, however, makes whatever it afflicts worse by lying to the audience. Fiction is not factual (it tells tales of events that never happened), but good fiction does not lie; it uses the truth, especially the fundamental truth of Mankind, to give these non-factual stories the weight of reality so that we may more readily embrace their narratives and be caught up in them. In this manner, even the most fantastic tale with the most fantastic environments--our Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror tales--tell us the truth about life, Mankind, and those other cosmic fundamentals as any mythology worth a damn has to do to justify its existence.

Pozzing, therefore, lies to us about these things and then--metaphorical gun to our heads--demands that we accept them as true. It does this not primarily to brainwash, but to humiliate and degrade so that later brainwashing can be done to those rendered vulnerable thereby. It tells us that black is white, and then threatens dissenters with social sanction (and, later, state sanction) for daring to speak up and gainsay that lie- it's a form of media-driven humiliation and demoralization.

Go figure. I don't want to give my money, or anything else, to people who hate me. Hence why I've pulled back from a lot of things; once pozzed, usually you're stuck with only burning it to ash and salting the ruins to get rid of it. It's that virulent a disease, and once a critical mass hits the convergence spreads like an outbreak and you see one real form of the zombie apocalypse happen.

And that's the otherwise-good stuff. Imagine how the bad stuff that gets pozzed is- or watch that crap, if you prefer. Me? I'd rather do something else. If Warpig is Right (and he usually is), then I'll see the film sooner or later. Otherwise, to the Forbidden Zone it goes with the rest of the trash.

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