Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Totalbiscuit Is Burnt

John Bain, a.k.a. Totalbiscuit, has had another public meltdown. This time, at CoxCon, he lost his mind over someone throwing out an Internet meme as a question at a Questions & Answer session. That question was "Are Traps Gay?", which is a long-running joke now, and being Internet savvy John and his fellows there (including the founder, Jesse Cox) should've rolled with it. But John decided that Chan culture is wrong and threw the questioner out of the event.

Then he compounded the error by putting it out there on Twitter, and not taking well to the entirely-predictable reception that such a cuck move would generate. This is a pair of unforced errors, both on the grounds of (you guessed it) Social Justice, that would not have happened had John not been in charge of the social media accounts bearing his name.

John normally has a (paid) assistant handle the social media accounts. The reason? To prevent just this from happening. John's past shows repeated episodes of him not being able to handle the bants, freaking out, and attacking the very people who made his life (and his lifestyle) possible. For all his savvy with regard to gaming and the business hereof, he's still far more of an insecure normie than he wants to believe and it comes out when he feels stressed.

His assistant is not on the job because that assistant suffered a family tragedy, and John--being a decent employer--let him take the time off to properly handle the matter. Unfortunately, what did not happen is to have someone else step in to handle the social media accounts. (Genna, as Business Manager, that was your job to handle.) So this own-goal was not only predictable, it was wholly preventable.

And this is not the first time. While others comment on the very public berating John gave of his wife's voting decision after the U.S. Presidential Election (and yes, outing and shaming your wife on Twitter is just that; you might as well have done it at halftime during the Super Bowl), he's flamed out on other occasions in just as stupid a manner over just as stupid a reason. We have a consistent pattern of behavior here. One John knows--by his actions--to be detrimental to him and others.

The behavior cannot be tolerated anymore. This is the second time within a year that something of this sort occurred. Everyone knows how and why it happened, and those able to prevent did not do so in negligence. Once is an error, twice is stupidity, but more than that is--at best--chronic incompetence and I will not tolerate it. I withdraw my support, effective immediately.

No more money goes his way, and no more attention shall be directed towards him until he repents. I have options; I now exercise them. I shall encourage all others to do the same, under the same condition. Once he sees that he's going the way of Marvel Comics, maybe he'll fix himself. Or not; I no longer care either way.

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  1. I agree with your statement and unsubscribe from all of his channels. TB needs to shape up and stop acting like a spoil princess. Cancer is no excuse for his behavior.