Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Narrative Warfare: Farcry 5?

I saw the Supreme Dark Lord posted about this earlier, and then tonight's Darkstream talked about it also. When you see the poster put online today, you can see why the alarm bells rang.

It's not news to Gamergate veterans that Ubisoft is a SocJus-converged corporation, and has been so for years now. What is new is the blatant display of The Narrative here. The previous four games were exactly what SJWs whine about with their buzzword bullshit, so the pushing of The Narrative is mostly in the form of "Muh Appropriation" coupled with "Muh Colonializm" that most gamers fla out ignored because it meant jack shit to actually playing the game. I expect this to be the same here.

Furthermore, if Ubisoft's team does make the villains (the We're Totally Not Christian Identity cult) look as cool and badass as they did the villain for Farcry 3, then man are they going to totally screw the pooch exactly as the Supreme Dark Lord says. (i.e. invoke the Dark Vader Effect) Because we don't have a full trailer yet, let alone gameplay footage or a plot summary worth a damn, that's why there a question mark in the title. Once we have it, I'll revisit this with a future post. Until them, watch the teaser and see if your SocJus Death Cult sense is tingling.

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