Friday, May 26, 2017

Farcry 5: Pathetic, Not Necessary Pozzed (Yet)

Okay, we got more info on Farcry 5.

I'm not offended. I'm bored. This nothing more than the previous two games given a trappings swap and a location change. Primal was a superior exorcise in creativity; at least playing a Stone Age hunter was an interesting variation. This? At this point, the only way you can make this interesting is to have the actual premise involve a collapse of state and Federal power to enforce the law, such as a collapse of government. Considering that Montana just elected a man that put a Fake News cunt in his place the day before, that ain't happening at the state or local level; D.C. would have to be nuked, and I doubt Ubisoft is going there.

Yes, that lameness and pathetic quality could well be due to SocJus convergence, but until I see concrete evidence of it I think I'll stick with a far easier conclusion: they got lazy as fuck and phoned this in. As badness goes, this is getting slapped instead of shot, but that's still open to revision. Do yourself a favor, Ubisoft: don't shoot yourselves in the foot at E3.

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