Monday, April 10, 2017

Six Months of Metro City Boys!

Yesterday, the Metro City Boys marked six months to the day since they launched this podcast. They got hyped and went a little longer than they usually do to mark the occasion, all of which you can enjoy at your leisure by putting on the archived podcast for you to enjoy.

It's been quite the ride so far, and I am thrilled that at last the boys took the next step to build up this little podcast that could with its own YouTube and Twitch channel. A site, with a blog, is next to get more than cursory attention to building it up; if this continues, soon there will be shirts and other merch for people to buy and wear to show the colors out in meatspace so as to spread the word.

And man, it turns out that it's a small world. Oro, as I found out, knows some of my guildmates in World of Warcraft and raided with my guild back in the heyday of Wrath of the Lich King. If my world gets much smaller, I'll need a microscope to see it.

Now, to see if I can somehow get the Metro City Boys to crossover with the Geek Gab crew for a mega-podcast of geekdom and gaming. At the very least, get some guest appearances going back and forth, such as Oliver Campbell on the Gab and Daddy Warpig on with the Boys.

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