Sunday, April 2, 2017

Narrative Warfare: Cernovich on 60 Minutes

My father, likely echoing many others before him, once told me "In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is. Never choose theory over practice."

A week ago, I--and others--observed this in action. The occasion was Mike Cernovich's appearance on 60 Minutes, something that he admits is a violation of his own "No Media" rule, but I figured that Mike had an angle going in and no sooner than the episode aired on the East Coast feed did I get confirmation of it.

In short, Mike set a trap. The show fell into it, and not until they were well into the pit did they figure out what was going on and had to haul ass after the fact to avoid being obliterated by it. Further, Mike set up a no-lose situation for himself; he went in assuming hostility and fraud on the part of the show, and stood by ready to expose it to his massively superior media reach if they went through with it. If they didn't do wrong by him (and according to Mike, they didn't), then he comes off looking good and he easily exploits the show to expand his reach- proving by that route that he is superior to the show and to Establishment media by superior mastery of their game.

That much was apparent to me by this past Wednesday, but it was about then that Mike did a livestream where he talked about that whole experience and revealed how he prepared the battlefield to compel his opponent to conform to one of two prepared options. How? Simple, in fact: the game is about optics, because optics are how the Hoaxing Media performs Narrative Warfare. By taking control over determination of the optics at the stage of dealing with the show's producers, Cernovich framed the narrative as he desired- enforced by the threat of public exposure of their deceit if they dared step out of line. He shook them, hard, and they weren't expecting that so they went along with it.

They're used to being in charge. To seize it like that fucked with their brain, in terms of an amygdala hijack, so to relieve that stress they played nice with him.

That's how he did it. In theory, you don't need to do that sort of aggressive framing or pay that much attention to how others perceive you when dealing with Narrative Warfare. In practice, you do, which is why so many on the business end of it get wrecked by it; they take theory over practice. You do what works until you're in the shot-caller's seat; then you call the shots to remake things to work how you want. That's the Perception game, which is the culture game to a large extent; it's a game of illusion, enchantment, and management of perception- it's a magician's game. A game Cernovich showed that he can play better than those who say they're the Lords of Perception, because he's adept at play three or more levels at once, just like President Trump.

Me? I'm not that good at playing; like Scott Adams, I'm far better at seeing it from the sidelines than being on the field. I'll brook no gainsaying on this one; Mike's move proved himself a master, and he picked the right moment to play the power position for the tactical and strategic win using the enemy's resources against them. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Once the enemy figures out just how badly he played them, they're going to come after him- and I bet he's waiting for them.

Folks, if you want to know what successful counter-attacks in Narrative Warfare look like, study this move. One man, on his own, upset an imperial powerhouse in Narrative Warfare- and he's teaching you what he did, how he did it, why he did what he did, and so on freely in his media outreach. You won't lose by hearing him out; you'll start winning if you heed him. This man knows Narrative Warfare.

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