Friday, April 14, 2017

Here's the Teaser for "The Last Jedi"

The love-in down in Orlando is on Day Two, and the expected teaser for Episode 8 dropped today. Kudos to the trailer team on putting out something that doesn't give away the entire movie, obviating any desire to actually go to the theater to see it.

(Yes, that's from the official Star Wars YouTube channel.)

After the cotton-candy experience of The Force Awakens, I hoped that Rian Johnson would (a) be allowed to bring the awesome and (b) deliver. I haven't seen any related panels or other stuff (aside from that stunt of Rian showing up in the sleepover queue and spending three hours hanging out with fans), so I'm holding off on speculation. If you want that, the Star Wars Explained channel can hold you over for the time being.

I like that this teaser focuses on Luke, Rey, and the Force. Yes, we see--briefly--other characters doing their thing (and I expect that they'll be the focus of later trailers and ad spots), but the big mystery has to do with the Force users first and foremost; the mundane conflict of the First Order vs. the Resistance is the shadow, not the substance, of the Force conflict. If this film goes a long way to rectify the former film's serious narrative deficits, that will be enough to make it a hit with the fanbase and elevate the Sequel Trilogy out of being sanctioned fanfic.

So, like many others, I'm hoping that The Last Jedi doesn't suck. If Rian lives up to his reputation, then that won't happen.

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