Friday, March 17, 2017

Podcast Recommendation: Virtue of the West

Not long ago, I found both Brittany Pettibone and Tara McCarthy on YouTube. I've immediately been taken with their intelligence, compassion, savvy, femininity. They teamed up to create "Virtue of the West", their ongoing co-hosted podcast. Below I've embedded Episode 7, which featured the Supreme Dark Lord (Vox Day) as their guest.

This episode is typical of their production quality and content quality to date, so if you like good conversation and a high level of discourse you'll come away satisfied. That's why I recommend this podcast, in addition to the ladies' separate efforts; as of this post you'll find their YouTube channels in the Blog Roll on the right.

If you're at all concerned with Narrative Warfare, you'll find that this is a common theme in this series. Both spoken of as such, and underlying other conversation topics, you'll not fail to notice the ongoing effects of the Death Cult's deliberate and willful fraudulent storytelling about the West to the West and the poisoning of its posterity. The perspectives differ, as do the opinions and proposals of the guests, but the results are the same; independent verification on the importance of culture in the life (and death) of nations.

So yes, I do ask that you take an interest in this series. If you think you'd be a good guest, then approach them and request to come on the show. Maybe one or both of them will want to interview you separately; if so, go for it. This is the New Media. Embrace it.

Bravo to you, Brittany and Tara! Bravo, and may you enjoy even greater success down the road.

(Related: If you like either Brittany or Tara, give Bre Fauchaux a try; she's also in the Blog Roll on the right.)

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