Thursday, March 2, 2017

Narrative Warfare: The Sessions Hit

Since the ascension of the God-Emperor, we've had a curiously underreported series of arrests of child trafficking rings. What is curious is that these roll-ups occur within days of the Clinton Foundation's operations ceasing at that location. Furthermore, it's known that Attorney General Sessions has no love for pedophiles and is eager to turn the machine of the state against them in full and deadly earnest.

So, when the Democrats and the lying hoaxing media started going after Sessions I suspected that this had to do with #PedoGate and #PizzaGate. The Supreme Dark Lord harbors similar suspicions (and, I suspect, is far more accurate as to why than any other explanation I've heard yet).

What this hit takes the form of, as it did with Flynn, is a Shriek-and-Swarm attack. As the media and the Dems are SJWs, then we can be confident that (as with Flynn), this is a lie told knowingly for specific intent. Fortunately, we know the playbook by now, and therefore can defend against it. (Sessions is in particularly difficult circumstances, so his reactions are more constrained, but there's no There there so recusing himself isn't the scalp some say it is.)

The point here is this: the "Russian hacker" narrative is there to protect the elite pedophile network. Other parties cooperate to the degree that it advances their interests, but the objects of attack and the timing of the attacks tell you who's calling the shots and why that shot-caller's objective is. We're not being attacked by hostile foreigners within; we're being preyed upon by traitorous child-eaters within.

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