Thursday, February 16, 2017

Narrative Warfare: It's Not Working So Well Anymore

The reaction to the Scahill cowardice is heartening for me. While Bill Maher telling Scahill he's a two-faced shit was expected, the dogpiling by others who usually would've kept quiet or backed him is a tell that we've hit a preference cascade and soon it's to become an avalanche. We're seeing this far more clearly with the reaction to the hoaxing media hit on Pewdiepie, with other notables circling the wagons around him and his own defiance in the face of adversity. His followers kept his back, and he's thankful for that.

This is good. This means that the power that the Establishment wielded via its media isn't so effective as it was even just a year or so ago, and that's fueling the freakouts. The God Emperor's press conference today once more turned into a brow-beatdown upon said media crooks and liars and man the composure of many formerly used to accomodation and deference keeps popping like the zits they are:

And that was me being kind and restrained.

This sort of butthurt bullshit blather is all over the MSM and their social media accounts after today's presser, and virtue-signalling celebrities are getting in on it. The quantity of celebrity virtue-signalling, amplified by said sheckle-shilling shysters shucking and jiving like crackwhores jonesing for a fix, is so obnoxious that Paul Joseph Watson skipped a coffee break to cut this video.

One of my favorite folks on Twitter, Sargon of Akkad, hosted a livestream talking about all of this stuff and it went on over five hours so this is one of those "put it on and then do something else" sort of videos, but the conclusion reached (more or less) is in the title- and as for that thumbnail, well...

Indeed, Sargon. Helicopter rides for all the liars, cheats, thieves, crooks, and frauds that make up the MSM. Free ones.

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