Saturday, December 3, 2016

My Life in Fandom: Marvel's Teasing a Guardians Sequel

Yeah, Marvel Studios has SJW problems, but so far they're managing to deliver. Guardians of the Galaxy was one of their best received films since Iron Man and Avengers, so I have some reason to hope that this sequel delivers. Also, Baby Groot is as awesome as Groot was in the original.

I got a lot of shit in University when I argued that the first duty of literature is to entertain, as nothing else matters if the reader quits reading. I know that plenty of people got shat upon for saying that the first duty of film and television--and games--is also to entertain, for the same reason. Well, someone at Marvel Studios got that memo which is why the MCU films usually deliver on said entertainment- and the first film was one of the best to do so. This sequel looks, at the very least, to do the same.

So yeah, expect another fun film for May of next year, with Thor: Ragnarok coming into view thereafter. When the full trailer comes, let's hope that the optimism is valid.

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