Friday, December 9, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: A Quick Hit For You BattleTech Fans

BattleTech really does lend itself to playing a wargame/RPG hybrid campaign, built around a mercenary or special operations unit, as your default mode of play. With that in mind, I'm going to dump a scenario here:

It is 3025. You are a MechWarrior, but not a wealthy or prominent one. Your family's fortunes fell well before you could do anything about it, so now like the freelances of old you sell your sword to make your way. Garrison contracts, training contracts, rearguard contracts- the glamor is always with the House regulars, who disdain you. Until they need you, of course.

One of your House contacts offered you a deal you could not refuse: high pay, high prestige, and with it a chance to get out of the mercenary grind and back to respectability. One of the House's most brilliant, and therefore valuable, Mech engineers fell into the hands of a Periphery pretender. Get him back, and you win. Fail, and they disown all knowledge that this ever happened.

No Guts, No Galaxy.

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