Saturday, October 1, 2016

Narrative Warfare: No, We Don't Got To Do Shit

Welcome to Year Two.

There's stuff to do, so let's get on with it.

The more I see the Social Justice cult and their fellow travelers push into other areas and continue to converge what they hold, the more I find the power in the simple rebuking of their dogma. They say "We need to make a safe space.", so I say "No, they don't have to do shit." They say "We need more diversity.", so I say "No, they don't have to do shit." Muh Representation! Nope, not a damned thing required.

It's not quite one of Scott Adams's Linguistic Kill Shots, but it IS a reliable Rhetorical hammer that is adequate for the job. The triggering that results will produce the usual shaming language as they attempt to Discredit & Disquality, to which a Zero Fuck Given approach reliably stops that before it gets traction.

You want an example? Here's Razorfist, going after a hapless cuck carrying failed academic SJW cultist Natalie "I'm getting a PhD. in Gamergate!" Zed and her go at Metal.

This entire mess--call it Social Justice, PC Culture, Cultural Marxism, etc.--is nothing more than Basic Bitch bullshit behavior and it gets handled by not having your spine turn to jelly and wussing out. You do until them what Grandpa did when Grandma got out of line and started acting the fool: you confront it, you call it what it is, and you shut that shit down. In short, you be a man- especially when you're not. It doesn't have to be a big production number; what you see below is quite sufficient for most occassions.

That's it. That's all there is to it. Just say "No, I don't have to do shit." when they act up. Only now, after doing it myself and seeing others do it--all with varying degrees of success--can I be confident that this IS a valid Narrative Warfare counterpunch to the SJWs and their ilk.

And yes, this is the SJW Entryist pattern at work. They come into a space that is not theirs, throw around fake claims to get a victim narrative going (Narrative Warfare Part 1), through which they attract suckers and sociopaths that they use to gain power (Part 2), and then converge what they conquer into part of their Memetic Complex for the purpose of spreading their narrative further (Part 3). This is the Cultural Marxist form of Permanent Revolution. It is War Without End because the Narrative itself demands war, and the sacrifices it requires as fuel, to sustain itself.

And it's put down simply by not fearing their shaming-words, by not caring what they think, and tell them to Stop Being Dumb. Their Narrative is built on a foundation of fraud with a cornerstone of crap; once you see it as weaponized Basic Bitch bullshit, you can't unsee it. Go read SJWs Always Lie, compare with your usual Basic Bitch bullshit, and see for yourself. (The SJWs hate the Manosphere for more than the usual Narrative stuff; those guys actually see SJWs for what they are and know how to deal with it.)

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