Friday, September 30, 2016

One Year of Daily Blogging: The Power of the Habit

Today marks the end of the first year for this blog. This is the first post, which a year ago tomorrow exactly.

Success is a habit. I want to succeed as a writer, so I write as a habit. Blogging is how I started this habit, and maintaining this habit is a necessary condition to the success that I want. Some posts are longer than others. Some are about political or cultural concerns, and some are just me going on about stuff I like, but they are nonetheless there.

But I posted, dammit, every single fucking day. I didn't want to at times, but I did it anyway. The habit--not the goal, not the willpower, or any of that finite stuff--is what got me here. That habit is what will push me forward to other success in writing, such as the book (10,000 Pots) that I'm working on now.

The power of the habit got me here. That power will allow me to become a success book writer and publisher, again by making a habit of writing and publishing books. That habit, now that I comprehend what it is and how it works, is something I can use to improve my health, my wealth, and anything else that I want to change to my benefit.

I'm not saying anything that someone has not. I am only testifying that doing this as a habit has delivered on the promises made, and thereby confirming an old saying: Excellence is a Habit; We Are What We Repeatedly Do.

(Oh, and my birthday is a week from today. It's going to be good.)

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