Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dealing With the Converged: Step 3 - The Eye of Normie is Upon Them

It does not matter if you are dealing with the convergence in tabletop RPGs, in comic books, in SF/F publishing, in film/TV, or whatever. There is one constant, and that constant is a pants-shitting terror of normies seeing the SJWs for what they really are (and usually by seeing them act as they really are). There is something instructive about this pattern: their reaction betrays their knowledge that what they do is wrong, and if they can't keep the normies bamboozled with Narrative Warfare then they lose.

As you work on the choke-out, you need to keep the Eye of Normie on the SJWs. You need that to make the SJWs stay on the backfoot, instead of sallying forth to disrupt your encirclement of them. Normies reliably turn on SJWs when the latters' real nature is revealed, and by fixing that gaze on the SJWs early and often you force them to either clean up or run away lest they be burned away by the gaze of the Eye of Normie. They are too busy doing damage control on their Narrative Warfare if you can stay inside their heads and get the Normies to see their bullshit before they make it stick.

So embrace the Normies. They're your allies.

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