Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Legion Hype: Blizzard Does a Q&A Over New Mechanics

World of Warcraft took its pre-patch for the upcoming expansion, Legion, live yesterday in North America. It should be like in the European region today. All of the revised Classes and Specializations are now live. All of the itemization changes are now live. The pre-expansion event is NOT live yet, and that's the preview we're getting of the new World Quest system that's going to be the world content at the cap come Legion. So they did a Q&A livestream, which is archived as the video below. Enjoy.

Notice the big points:

  • They liked how daily quests worked in Mists of Pandaria, especially during 5.1 and 5.2, so that was the starting point of their design.
  • They deliberately designed the World Quest system to not penalize players who don't log in to play every day.
  • They deliberately made this a viable endgame play scheme in its right, but with the multiple rotation schedules for various kinds of World Quests they managed to strike a balance between those using this as a sideline to Raiding or PVP and those that don't.
  • They put in PVP stuff that focuses more on fun and spectacle over death-grip-tight balancing, and like that sort of thing for overworld stuff.
  • They're watching for feedback and will use it to guide refinement of the system.

They're paying attention now. They know that Legion has to hit, hit big, and sustain that big hit over its lifetime. This shows that they grok the need to do so between their ears. Now we'll soon see how well they delivered on that requirement to rebuild the game from its fallen state. This is a trend that, by and large, I'm hearing consistently in these promotional videos. (By the way, watch the previous ones if you missed them; worth while.)

I'm looking forward to seeing them deliver on this promise.

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