Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Life in Fandom: Diversity Is Bullshit

One of the folks I follow on Twitter posted a link to some SocJus cultist in tabletop RPGs (one of those fake geek girls whining and nagging about "diversity" and other bullshit), and then had a great one-two follow-up. Enjoy the brutality.

Point #2 in this article is easily summarized: "Just white dudes? I cannot imagine, in a role-playing game, not playing a character who does not look like the white dudes in the artwork, therefore my mentally and morally incompetent ass must reject it because Diversity."


I've had enough about this "diversity" bullshit in ALL things, but most particular in ALL fandom. "Oh noes, there isn't enough One Eyed, One Eared Flying Purple People Eaters in this game/film/comic/company/show/ass-fucking therefore Racist and Sexist and All The Badness Is You. Change it to be what I want OR I SHALL DESTROY YOU WITH SELF-RIGHTEOUS FIRE!"

There are few more reliable tells outing themselves as a SocJus cultist (and, therefore, either a fake or a traitor) than someone whining about "diversity" and "representation" in a fandom. You're not entitled to be here, fucktard. You want to play as a woman? Write "Female" on the sheet. Want to play as some other race? Write that instead of "White" or "Caucasian" on the fucking sheet. Be what you want at the table, since it DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER what's in the book.

But no, you cultists can't even be honest about why you're harping like nagging, sagging cunts filled with more bitterness than burnt liver about this "diversity". Because you don't care about diversity. You care about control, and every fucking property you seize control of turns into yet another avenue to push your Narrative Warfare cultism campaign upon the rest of us. You just want another fucking way to brainwash people into joining your death cult. Fuck. You.

Fortunately, for we who love tabletop RPGs, we are not constrained technologically. We can easily transfer and use older, pre-converged games should we care to bother. We can, and do, strip out the SJW nonsense out of published material on the regular; we also can, and do, only buy used for print and freely pass DRM-free ebooks just to deny you any revenue that we can. But that's not the big Fuck You. That's inherent to the medium itself: The game only exists at the individual table.

So when you whine about "diversity", what you're telling us is that you're a fake or a sellout unable to imagine being anything other than what you're fantasy of yourself says that you are. You're telling us that you're unwilling to do what it takes to become a true gamer, that you will not Git Gud, and because you suck so hard you demand that we accommodate you. No, we don't. We don't have to do Jack Fucking Shit.

(And this goes for all other fandoms. You want in on our scene? Fuck your "diversity" bullshit. Just enjoy the fucking this as it is.)

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