Thursday, June 16, 2016

It's About Terrorism, Not Guns

Utterly ridiculous, but sadly predictable. Now Jeh Johnson is saying gun control is a matter of homeland (national) security and something has to be done that doesn't infringe on the 2nd amendment *AS INTERPRETED BY THE SUPREME COURT. We could ask Scalia what he thinks about that, but he's dead. Others are calling for a complete repeal of the 2nd Amendment, while still others are calling for everyone who buys a gun to have to go to a doctor to be declared mentally fit. All that on top of a renewed push for the "no-fly no-buy" loophole legislation, which, considering the guy supposedly worked for a top DHS contractor, he was vetted more than most people to buy guns by the very agency that claims it is securing the homeland! So tell me again... how would the "no fly no buy" list have magically prevented Orlando? Answer: it wouldn't have.

Fuck me. It's cult thinking writ large. It's a handful of malicious actors using a far larger body of true believing fools to gain power. Due Process? What's that? Inalienable rights? What? Fucking liars, thieves, frauds and traitors- the lot of them.

And yes, when you push for public policies that demonstrably give aid and comfort to the enemies of the nation and the country, that's sedition on its face and it's treason when you're also a citizen. Gun Control is Treason. Truthstream Media here has the right of it, and if this goes on then the ultra-nationalist coup becomes inevitable and the second American Civil War enters our history. They apparently want it. I don't, but I'll deal with it should it come.

What we have here is Narrative Warfare. The violation of Due Process, the weaponization of the medical system, and fraud on such a scope and scale that I'm astounded at the audacity of it. What we've got is a Terrorism problem. We need to be armed and armed well, as individuals, to deal with it when and where it occurs- and every last fucking government response shows that they CANNOT protect us as they claim, even if they want to (and they don't).

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