Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Preview of President Trump

"America First!", that declaration of sovereignty and self-interest, seems so obvious at first thought. Yet, after a generation or more of this Globalism poison, Trump's declaration of this principle for rational nation-state governance seems like a revelation from God Allmighty. This one declaration, coupled with his hammering on Hillary's blatant disregard for national security and the lives of Americans in and out of government, is a powerful and devastating speech. Trump's looking very Presidential here, and he if keeps on like this he'll win.

This is the press conference Trump did at his golf course in Scotland just after the Brexit vote. Look at how Trump's handling this press crowd, and how the press at this conference treat Trump. This is a far more respectful back-and-forth than he gets in the United States, and again Trump took a far more Presidential demeanor here. He's answering the questions with Rhetoric, clearly going for persuasive responses aimed at having his current supporters point others to him saying "See? He's your man." It's very similar to how John F. Kennedy handle this phase of the campaign, and I think it will work.

One thing that's consistent is that Trump displays an ease and confidence that Hillary lacks. He's got mastery over these things, from being a public speaker, to handling the press, to dealing with policy matters, etc. and that sort of mastery cannot be faked. While the media in the UK is no less political than in the US (as they are wings of the same globalist Establishment), that they decided to avoid trying to trap him during this press conference says a lot about the opinion of him there at that moment.

The Establishment wants Hillary, but she's unable to win without fixing the game. Trump's more than able to win, and what we've seen in these two videos is what we're going to get after he wins the Presidency in November and gets sworn in next January. I said it before, and I'll say it again: what we're seeing is a repeat of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Get ready, world. It'll be morning in America again soon.

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