Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sargon of Akkad: The Degeneration of the Daily Show

This video addresses The Daily Show's handling of the US Women's Soccer Team's claim of sexism in payment vs. the Men's Team, and why said show is full of shit in addition to being incompetent about it. Take a coffee break and enjoy.

Sargon's nailed it: Women's soccer lacks the demand of the men's team. Far fewer people want to watch women play soccer. Far more people want to watch men play soccer. The men's game is superior in all respects: athleticism, acumen, execution, and quality of competition. This results in far more reliable high-quality entertainment than the women can provide, so the resulting higher demand merits the higher pay. Simple, honest (and that's a big deal considering how corrupt FIFA and its sub-orgs are), and easily remedied by having the women meet the same degree of performance that the men do.

But they can't. So they have to lie to get their way. If anyone should be punished, it's the US Women's Team, The Daily Show, and the individuals pushing this narrative bullshit. They're pushing a fraud.

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