Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Castalia House Weighs In on Tabletop RPGs

Jeffro Johnson does plenty of posts about tabletop RPGs over at the Castalia House blog, and Jeffro's made a post about what makes a TRPG what it is as a follow-up to this post about how damned difficult it is to usefully talk about the damned thing

That they did this sort of thing at all is a good thing, but this is (ultimately) will end up going over to Playing at the World and its associated blog. Referring to the primary sources and first examples will make clear what tabletop RPGs are, and how they differ from RPGs as they exist in other media.

Which is good, because once that's sorted we can move on to talking about how RPGs in various media must be significantly different, and what those differences do to the form in that medium because they do produce different gameplay experiences.

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