Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: The Death Knight is 100

Yep, still playing World of Warcraft. Deal with it.

My Death Knight alt on my main's realm--Barathon, a Blood Elf who died in the Third War (when he was a High Elf)--finally hit 100 on Sunday. Now I'm going through the gearing process. His Garrison is Level 3. His Shipyard is Level 1, and I've done the Invasion of Tanaan sequence so I can unlock all that stuff.

Once he's in Baleful (item level 650-695, before Valor Upgrades) or better, I'll rotate out of running Tanaan Jungle dailies to burn through the remainder of the 6.0 leveling content (free gold, Garrison Resources, etc.) so as to ensure that all Garrison options and Outposts are open to him.

I'll get him going on his Legendary Ring soon. Unlike my main, where I made a priority of upgrading that thing to max power, all I care about here is getting it at all.

The trick with long-term play of a game like this pacing. You want to avoid burnout. That means knowing when to ease up on the throttle, and when you're a player with plenty of alternate characters that's a big concern; burning out sucks the fun out of the game entirely, and burnout means you stop playing- leaving your pals in the lurch.

I left my DK alt on the shelf for most of this expansion. Legion is due in about six months, and I have another alt at 100 already and ready to raid. I have a handful more alts at 90+ to level to 100, and three more at lower levels, in addition to my main still being my active raider. I have pacing on my mind to avoid burnout, so I leave unimportant characters on the shelf until I have time for them.

Yes, this means prioritizing my gameplay options (and that, in the context of greater concerns).

As it is, my other alts aren't getting their Rings. I have other things I want to get done soon, going hard on my DK is not something I want to do; I'll be playing this alt (and my Paladin alt) when I'm done on my main for the week and my main gets only the minimum attention required to keep up as a raider.

And, by the way, I had another idea about RPGs and how people think of them as a result of this alt hitting 100, but that's another post.

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