Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Release the Hounds! Rabid Puppies, ATTACK!

The Supreme Dark Lord posted today that the Rabid Puppy Recommedation List for the 2016 Hugos is about ready to go. In addition, he posted a fantastic piece of art that will soon be available on shirts as well as releasing a Twitter banner.

I am amused. This is akin to watching Reinhard von Lohengram outmanuever the Imperial High Nobles that hate him (or Yang Wen-Li vs. his enemies in the Free Planets Alliance). There's no scenario in which Vox does not win, because the goal is not to win Hugos. It's to force the SocJus cultists to throw off their masks in order to maintain their Narrative Warfare campaign (and through it, any power they have), exposing themselves to the Normies.

I look forward to seeing them burn down their own awards, again.

Oh, and if someone wants to do me a solid, getting me a shirt (Men's 2X, please) would do.

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