Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: Not One, But TWO Legendary Rings!

Wednesday of this week, I finished the Legendary Ring quest chain for a second time. This time, I completed the chain on my highest-level character on the opposite faction (Alliance) from my main character: my former main, a Male Human Retribution Paladin. I got him his Ring, spend all of the banked Valor I had on him to purchase three upgrades right away, and then took him back to his well-developed Garrison in Shadowmoon Valley to log off.


That's what I felt. The satisfaction of a bothersome, tedious, task finally finished and the promised reward now in hand. Past this point, all I need to do is run Mythic Dungeons (and a few Heroics) over the next two months and I'll max out that Legendary Ring's power potential without ever setting foot into Hellfire Citadel. While I will soon move on to work on other alts (starting with my Death Knight, as he's my Jewelcrafter and Daddy Needs Epic Gems), my major objective for this expansion is now complete: finishing the Legendary for one character per faction.

Now it's down to second-tier goals, such as getting one character of every class to the (Warlords) cap of Level 100. I have two now. Soon it will be three, and another four soon thereafter. The last few will take more time because they're Level 70 or less and thus I have a lot of level-grinding to do, but I do want to have all of my character on my main's Realm (all 11 of them) to the cap by the time that the pre-patch for World of Warcraft: Legion drops. Rings? Not important. Tricked out Garrisons? Not really; they get smashed with the nerf bat in the pre-patch, so not that important. No, I just want to be in a good position when Legion drops to get set for the new state of the game's economy and raid scene by having all options open.

I'll be ready for what's next. Count on it.

(And yes, there's an undercurrent here; it'll be addressed in another post.)

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