Sunday, February 7, 2016

Recommendation: The School Sucks Podcast

I do keep an eye out for alternatives to the present corrupt institutions we endure, with an eye towards those that rely and build upon proven principles with solid records of success. One of these is the School Sucks Podcast, part of the Tragedy & Hope network of such alternatives, and while their videos are long they are worth making time for. You will gain useful knowledge and be exposed to useful skills that will make your life--here and now--better all-around. What's embedded below is typical of what they produce.

For the month of February I will be joined by Steve Patterson, a home-educated and self-taught philosopher, to explore five key principles of learning that are translatable to just about any pursuit. Today's show is an orientation; Steve discusses his background and his introduction to the world of ideas.

Steve: "At the highest levels, the principles of learning blend together. Efficiency, technique, mastery of the basics, relaxation, acceptance of failure - they are universal."

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