Thursday, February 11, 2016

Podcast Recommendation: The Core Report

One of the streamers I follow is a Canadian expatriate who goes by the name of "Lauralania", and she is a massive fangirl for all things Blizzard. Her game of choice is Heroes of the Storm, and I've watched her go from derptastic fangirl to an up-and-coming figure in the nascent Heroes e-sports scene. In addition to her Twitch channel, she is now the Heroes Team Manager for eLevate, and she just got into podcasting. I am please to see her growth, and I wish that you give her a chance to show you her worth.

It's this new venture that got me to make this post. It's called The Core Report, and it's a Heroes podcast. It's new, so the show is still inchoate as it finds its footing, so if you want to get in on the ground floor and help a fledgling gaming podcast find its niche and flourish now is the time. I'm embedding the first two episodes below, and I recommend giving this a shot. Send useful, actionable feedback on how to improve the show, and help your fellow gamers make their own media as part of developing a healthy community.

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