Monday, January 11, 2016

Where I'm At After The Holidays

The last of my Christmas presents are sorted now. I've got a renewed Amazon Prime account now, and I've bought my membership to CONvergence for this year. I've got a small stack of books to read, and I'm keeping warm through this downward turn in the weather here in the North Star state.

I'm holding off on Legion until I have a firm idea of where the development process is at. World of Warcraft and Hearthstone remain my go-to videogames but my Steam account has plenty of stuff on it now; burnout relief is well in hand.

I have the new Car Wars boxed set (the one that got Kickstarted), and I may pick up the Arenas box. I am impressed by this return to form; it was Car Wars that got me into Steve Jackson Games stuff, not OGRE or GURPS, back in the day and damn if I am not happy to have carefully kept all of my old stuff over the years. Now, if only to get more folks playing again where I am.

I have all three of the Distant Worlds albums. Final Fantasy fans, you may envy me now.

Planning the next go at The Burning of Hugo continues. When I get stuck, I swap to other projects until my brain figures out a solution or I come across one by chance. Yes, this includes the non-fiction project, which is in early stages.

And it is stew weather, something I think I'll have some more of now.

But, for those looking for a point, it is this: I am rested, sorted, and ready to resume the larger work before me. These holidays were good ones.

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