Saturday, January 16, 2016

SocJus is Heresy! Purge the Heretic!

So, those braindead fucktards at The Mary Sue decided to open the wrong hole and spew some bullshit about how 40K is problematic and sexist and oh fuck this.

Go on, SocJus, take on a fandom whose entire lore and mythology revolves around a fantastic militant orthodox religion and its super-powered elite warrior-monks who are so fucking metal that they have their own fan bands and tribute songs. Come at them, and you will rue the day you ran into this:

You are CHAOS--The Ruinous Powers--to them. They've read, played, trained for generations to resist your bullshit. I look forward to seeing you whine when they reject you so hard that you drown in your own tears of failure and frustration.

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