Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: Legion Hype Returns

Today Blizzard pushed the latest build for the Legion playtest out to the clients and brought the servers up. There's an infographic already that sums up what's returning and what's now available can be found here. (When you see it, you'll know why it's a link and not embedded.)

We're getting close to having the entirely of Legion's leveling content open for testing, as well as making good headway towards having all of the classes and specializations (and associated Artifacts and quests and Class Halls) open for testing. That is good news, and means that we're on pace to be in a position to look forward to testing the first (i.e. at launch) tier sometime this Spring.

I'm already paying attention to my usual folks (Finalboss, Fatboss, Brutalstatic, Belluar Gaming, Preach Gaming, Asmongold) to see how things work, what broke, etc. and otherwise observe the process as my account is not flagged for access as of this post. One thing I have noticed is that the dev team has indeed committed to a big paradigm shift for them:

You can do the leveling zones in any order.

Fan-fucking-tastic. Sure, other MMOs have had something like this for years, and in World of Warcraft you have your choice of leveling paths here and there, but the big thing here is that the scaling technology currently being used in Timewalking events (where your character is scaled down to a set level and Item Level) will be deployed to make this work. I hope that they deliver on this promise.

For more, MMO-Champion has your back.

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