Saturday, December 19, 2015

Recommendation: Daddy Warpig Does Twitch

Daddy Warpig, the founder and Master of Ceremonies for Geek Gab, is now trying out streaming at Twitch. He's taking the auto-generated Video On Demand and uploading it to the Geek Gab account. Here it is below.

You can find his Twitch channel here. If you set up a Twitch account, and then link it to your Twitter account (or any other social media Twitch uses), then you'll get auto-notifications when Warpig goes live at his Twitch channel.

If you're into Geek Gab, and you like the vidya, this is a good opportunity to interact in a manner more specialized than Geek Gab that nonetheless is very social in its nature. Warpig's just getting started, so if you know a thing or two about the technical end of streaming this is the time for you to come help a good man expand his audience.

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