Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Life as a Gamer: Warcraft Movie Hype

I would be lying if I claimed to have no interest in the Warcraft movie. The full trailer will be released at the BlizzCon Opening Ceremony this Friday, and I will post the full trailer as soon thereafter as I can, but for now here's the teaser.

Sure, it's a lot of flash in 15 seconds, but even if this film is a failure at the box office you can already see that there's real work put in to make this film have some weight and substance at some fundamental levels. It cannot be an utter disaster of storytelling. (It may be a failure, but it won't be akin to Plan 9 From Outer Space; think Krull.) Once we see the full trailer at BlizzCon, we'll be in a better position to call the likely result of this film at the box office.

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