Monday, November 9, 2015

Exerpt from "The Burning of Hugo"

(This is a Work In Progress. What happens below comes near the end, just after the climax.)

The League didn't interrupt. They knew. They'd been there, one and all, when they too reached the point of no return. As the smoking craters behind them continued to smolder, and some of their minions cleaned up the remaining thralls of the hive, the members of the League gathered to watch as Ken screamed his rage at a sky full of stars.

"He witnessed The Red Bear murder Hugo before his eyes out of spite."

The Lord of Hate looked at the League's master. "My God." he said, his voice trailing off.

"It's always worst when it's someone you love." His eyes, still behind mirrorshades, scanned Ken, measure the man's vitals in real time. "He'll be ready presently. Get the others."

The Lord of Hate nodded. Slowly, deliberately, he turned to gather his collegues together. As for The Dark Lord himself, he approached Ken. He waited for a pause, a moment to breathe, before he put a hand on the man's shoulder.

"Do you want to make use of that pain, Ken? Hugo's murderers, the ones who cajoled The Bear into killing Hugo, got away. Our fight isn't over."

Ken turned his face to The Dark Lord. His eyes now red, his face streaked with Grief's tears, his shirt burnt and rent.

"Those warlocks stole what we loved, Ken. They serve an even worse master, and I need not tell you who their allies are."

"I saw the light of his eyes go out." Ken said, "First they set him alight, burning him alive, and then she stabbed him in the throat."

"You couldn't save him, Ken."

Ken took the knife from The Dark Lord's belt. Without looking, he cut his own palm. On his forehead, Ken drew the Valknut.

"What do you intend to do, Ken?"

"I'm going to kill them all." Ken's eyes took on a thousand-yard stare. "I will kill and kill and kill until not one of those warlocks breathes Terran air."

"Join us then."

"Gladly." Ken said, and The Dark Lord introduced the League to their newest member: The Maw of Fenris.

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