Tuesday, October 6, 2015

About to Ding in Real Life

My birthday is tomorrow. I'm always feeling a bit giddy at this point in the year. Well into adulthood, I still look forward to my birthday as I did when I was a child. It's the day I reserve for me, without guilt or fear. So, today I won't be writing about things of dire importance; it can't rain all the time, so today I'm lightening up a bit and indulging in a bit of childish whim. If you need your daily dose of dire, you may want to skip today's post.

Tomorrow I'm going to have pizza and root beer with my family. That's likely going to be the extent of birthday celebrations, but I remain open to pleasant surprises, such as receiving gifts of wholly unexpected sorts or from unexpected quarters. So, because it is silly foppery and whim, I'll go on about the most unlikely--yet possible--gifts I may receive. Again, if this isn't your thing then come back in a couple of days.

  • Firearms: I fucking love guns, especially the old and the quirky. Sure, I know the AR-15 and the AK-47/74 families and respect them, but if you want me to cry with joy then get me something like a Winchester 94, Krag-Jorgenson, 1903 Springfield, M1 Carbine, SKS, M1 Garand or an Ishapore 2A. For handguns, skip the Glocks and their ilk in favor of a 1911, a Smith & Wesson 39 or 59 series, or one of a slew of revolvers in .38 Special or .357 Magnum in service revolver configuration (3-4" barrel). There's plenty of sporting and fighting shotguns I would love to have, most notably being a Winchester 1897. Oh, and because someone's bound to ask, yes I'd be thrilled to have a Sharpe's like the one in Quigley Down Under or something like it such as a Remington No. 1. Don't forget the critter-gitters, those handguns and rifles chambered in .22 Long Rifle. I have three, and I'd love a few more. Also ammo, lots of ammo, all the ammo.

  • Computer & Software: This laptop I use is nearly six years old. I take care of it, but sooner or later the hardware will wear out or the software will fatally bork and I'll need a replacement. I would like to get into podcasting and livestreaming, especially on Twitch or Hitbox, but I am not bothering with the latter with this old thing. I need a new rig, properly configured, to make that happen. I can put the thing together myself, so all I need are parts- starting with a case. Oh, and the software. At the very least Windows 7, because I don't trust 8 or 10. I'd like a good Android-powered tablet, since I have so much mobile device.

  • Gaming: Not much here that I want. Just some credit for my Steam, Mogstation, and Battlenet accounts, the expansion for Guild Wars 2, a PS4 (because I don't care for the Xbox family) w/ plenty of HD space, and some Amazon gift cards.

  • Archery & Such: A practical traditional English longbow, w/ quiver, would be fantastic. A replica crossbow, with foot goad or winch, and some bolts (or can use with contemporary arrows) would also be good. Spears, javelins, axes/tomahawks, knives/daggers, and a sword- all good ideas and that includes blunt training swords.
Too many other things to list. If you want to know, ask privately for my Wish List at Amazon.

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