Wednesday, October 13, 2021

My Life As A Gamer: 2nd Preview for "Super Robot Wars 30" Now In English

Super Robot Wars 30 finally has its second preview out in English.

That confirms what a lot of us suspected, in particular that your main battleship is going to have its own series of upgrades to access through gameplay, and man are they going hard on the DLC this time around. You can see for yourself on the Steam page, since that's going to be indicative of what you'll pay if you go PS4/5 or Switch.

Is the DLC worth it? Hell if I know. Almost all of it is side content or early unlocks for hidden units, so you'll get it anyway just by playing the game, but if you're one to trade money to save time you may find it to be worthwhile. The OST is another matter, since it's damn hard to get that otherwise without a lot of importing of CDs, fucking around with file extraction, or digging around for someone else's playlist(s) for you to copy and store locally.

But will it be fun?

Well, if you liked SRW V/X/T, 30 will be your thing without a doubt. The changes to systems, aside from the battleship, are mostly iterations on what V/X/T did. If not, give this a pass. (I do, and it's on my Steam Wish List.)

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