Wednesday, October 21, 2020

My Life In Fandom: Doog Eternal Easter Eggs & Shark Gurl Dominates YouTube

This is your feelgood post for the day, courtesy of Hero Hei.

Yes, that indeed refers to HololiveJP's Korone, the happy dog girl, and her hilarious playthrough of DOOM Eternal. Good on the devs to slip this Easter Egg into the DLC; it's cheap, it's easy, and its return of goodwill for effort spent is huge.

And in further good news, HololiveEN's breakout star Gura should be about 950K subs on her channel by this post. She could break 1 million by Halloweeen easily, and that means a big success story for HololiveEN, Hololive as a company, and VTubers everywhere because it demonstrates that there is huge underserved audiences out there for VTubers to tap. (By comparison, Project Melody is considered big at about 3.5K viewers on Twitch, as is Ironmouse.)

And despite some simmering jealously by certain actors, the demand for entertainment like what Hololive provides is clearly evident and underserved worldwide or Hololive and its competitors such as VOMS (Pikamee's agency) wouldn't be cleaning up like it's dinner for twelve at John Wick's place.

It ain't all bad out there, folks.

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  1. Wonder what the numbers were for the Avengers Shill For Biden livestream vs. Hololive. Can't be half as embarrassing as the Star Trek convention panels underperforming compared to five lost girls digging a mine to nowhere.


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